Stories and Messages

When we lose a parent we lose the past.
When we lose a child we lose the future.
When we lose a spouse we lose all past, present and future.

I am continually praying for you and your two beautiful daughters Sophie and Amelia. I know this is the toughest time in you life. We are there for you now and always.
Love - Theresa Mullen

The last time we saw Michelle, she had come over to Sue's house to check on things whilst Sue was out of town. Michelle was in the back garden with the girls and was taking pictures of this beautiful vine that had bloomed. She was sending the pictures to Sue since they bloomed in Sue's absence. I will always remember thinking to myself, that is such a sweet thing to do.

Nancy and Brad Fletcher, Greenbelt, Maryland

Michelle, my classmate, my co-worker, and my dear friend. Your sense of humor and positive outlook always brightened my day instantly.Your radient smile, heart warming personality and sharp wit made attending college with you at Maryland the best of times..

I miss you Michelle,
Chip White

.....I was thinking of her while I ironed my clothes this morning, and I walked onto the pool deck this afternoon chuckling about her shamrock tattoo (or, more accurately, the time I mentioned it to your non-swimmer friends because, as she said, "great, thanks- THEY don't all shower with me!")

Marisa Frieder

Life is a gift,
Given and taken at some
Unknown time.
Michelle your time came too soon -
Your life was over in a flash.
The fun you shared,
The joy you brought,
Will forever be in our memory -
Rest in peace

by Chandra Bisnath

Before the Memorial mass I took a walk up to Worcester Hall (where I met Michelle) and up to see Testudo in front of the library. I thought about Michelle and all the good times we had at Univ. of MD. I think about Michelle every day it seems. She was a very special person to me and one of my best friends. I know we didn’t get to see much of each other with having kids and what not, but I always knew that I could call her for some good girl chat and to arrange a good mom’s getaway.

Mary Wolfe