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Washington Post OP-ED 08-01-2010 (Smith)

Michelle Humanick: A storm victim's generosity

Sunday, August 1, 2010; A18 
(c) 2010 The Washington Post

The July 28 Metro article "Storm victim was happily committed to family, community" captured the love and dedication that Michelle Humanick showed toward her friends and neighbors. For nearly 10 years, as chairman of the College Park Recreation Board, I had the honor of working with Ms. Humanick. For much of that time, she was vice chair of the board, which coordinates community events and recreational programs. She was always available to help out and shared her time and efforts for the benefit of all.

Former College Park mayor Joseph E. Page was often known to share the quotation that "what a person does for himself dies with him, but what he does for their community lives forever." I can think of no better tribute to Michelle Humanick than to say that she will live on for so many of us by virtue of her true spirit of community.

Jeffrey Smith, Nottingham, Md.